The primary mission of Team Hardnotts is to demonstrate through personal experience that it is possible to achieve positive goals in life when evolving out of a negative environment

Teaching Youth to Shoot With Cameras, Not Guns

Team Hardnotts University presents, "Teaching youth to shoot with cameras, not guns" a not-for-profit 501c3 youth awareness program.  This youth program is designed to work in cooperation with existing youth clubs and organizations by facilitating group discussions and activities centered around the art of therapeutic photography.

Facilitated by accomplished youth mentor and award winning photographer, Mr. Duane Fernandez Sr., each child will be introduced to therapeutic photography techniques which will teach them to view the world through the eye of a lens.  The art of photography can be a new and non-verbal form of communication, self-expression and creativity.  With the advanced picture-taking technology in cell phones and other mobile devices, photos can serve as an additional and less intrusive way to communicate with teens.

Team Hardnotts University will visit your youth program and facilitate group discussions and group activities based on therapeutic photography techniques.   Each participant will learn how to express and interpret photos as well as gain an understanding of, and respect for the individual interpretations of peers.  At the conclusion, each participant will be provided with a few take home items and well as a new outlook on photography, self-expression and respect for individuality.